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Open a free bank account in minutes.
No hidden fees, no fuss. Just pure,
straightforward banking.


As simple as it gets

We’ve put together all the essential features you really need from a bank into one easy-to-use platform, and removed everything else. No distractions. Because managing your finances should be as simple as possible, but no simpler!

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Quick Verification

We have a secure, fully automated verification process that gets your account ready in minutes, so you can start banking with your new account.

New York

Fully Protected

We're signed up to The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), which mean your money is protected up to a value of £85,000.


Easy Transfers

Send money to those that matter to you with a few clicks. We've made transfer process as easy as possible for you.

Centred Around You

Have you ever felt like your bank talks down to you? Same! We know how painful it is to deal with high-street banks. They are slow, unresponsive, and endlessly suspicious. We are here to change that. We've built a bank that works for you. And we really mean it! With Kiyanpay, you are always in the centre and our friendly team are here to serve.

The Way
We Bank

We are a creative banking challenger with an eye to the future. We have a lot of exciting, useful features packed and ready to go live soon, and we are always looking for new ways to innovate and revolutionise how we make use of our money. Here are some exciting features in the pipeline.


KiyanPay Multi-Currency Cards

Soon you'll be able to take your virtual money with you and use it wherever you go. With our new multi-currency cards to launch later this year, you will be able to use your money to purchase or withdraw from ATM's around the world.

We are making banking Social

It's about time, isn't it? Dealing with money can be much more than a boring necessity. Stay tuned! 

Make Money In Your Sleep

With our exciting new profit-sharing scheme, the bigger you grow your network inside the Kiyanpay app the more money you can make.

How It Works

Step 1:

Get Verified (in Minutes!)

Our verification is quicker than making your morning cuppa! All we need is your identification document such as passport or driving licence, and a selfie. Our system automatically verifies your data and once approved, you're good to go.

Step 2:

Add Money to Your Account

After verification, you can start adding money to your KiyanPay account. All you need is your newly created account number and sort code, and then you can transfer money from any other bank directly.

Step 3:

Spread the Love

Send payments the easy way. Use our simple payment interface to send payments in minutes and spread the love to the people important to you. Our two-factor payment authentication gives you peace of mind with every transfer.

Easy Borderless Payments

Need to transfer money to your world? With Kiyanpay's international transfers, you can send money abroad the easy way, with rates up to 9 x cheaper than banks. Have access to a growing list of more than 30 currencies, and transfer with confidence, with our fraud detection and encryption technology.

“ The onboarding took 5 minutes, literally! I can't believe I have created an actual, functioning bank account so fast. Everything is so simple. It has all that I want from a bank, and nothing more. ”

Celeste Morel Psychology student and tech enthusiast


“ It's about time banks actually worked for you, not the other way around. I like the benefits that I get as a business owner from Kiyanpay, but I also love how I'm treated as a customer: with respect and dignity. That's not the attitude I've seen from high-street banks in a long long time. ”

Ahmed Farooqi Coffee shop owner in London


“ No other bank trusted me when I first came into the UK. They make me feel like I don't belong here. Kiyanpay, however, did things differently, to say the least. Their trust in me made me trust them more than any other bank. ”

Sam Cortez Recently chose UK as his family's new home

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