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It's hard for those to come across in a resume. In this blog, we're helping you with our tips for hiring!


What is their attitude towards your business? Is it something that they're interested in, or does your position purely fit their criteria? You want to make sure that they're going to want to make your business work; if they're just showing up and doing the job, then they're going to lose interest and want to move on pretty quickly.

Speaking of moving on... what is their attitude towards the duration of their employment? Are they looking to settle down, or are they going to be looking for a new position fairly soon? Make sure that their plans align with yours. Employment is stressful and time-consuming, so if they're planning on moving on in three months, they might not be the one for you!

Lastly, what is their overall attitude? Does it fit in with your team? This is very objective and relies heavily on the dynamic of your current team. Whether you need someone who is more laid back or someone who can work at a fast pace, you're going to want to recognize those qualities in the people that you're interviewing.

Good learners

This is quite an important skill to look out for, is whether a candidate is willing and their ability to learn. They are going to have many new procedures and projects when they start, so it's very important that they can easily pick things up quickly and adapt.

To find out if a candidate is good at learning, remember to ask in the interview for an example of when and how they've had to adapt to a new situation. Keep in mind to also consider giving them a test project to see how fast they can learn.

You are going to be looking for someone who will be proactive and adapt quickly in their learning and development. A candidate might have a list of courses they've completed and talks passionately about recent or ongoing learning programs; that's a very good sign. 

Communication is key

This is a big one, and communication is one of the most, if not the most crucial and important soft skills you will ever need. It's essential for a new hire to be able to listen to feedback and work on it in a positive way to improve and convey new ideas. By very closely reading a candidate's covering letter is the very first stage of this screening process. A well-written cover letter is an excellent sign of strong communication skills.

Researching the company

Every candidate should know how to use Google and understand the core fundamentals of your business. They don't have to know the in-depth details about the employees, though they should know and understand the basics of the company, what products and services you offer, who the CEO is, and who your target customer is. Basically, they should have done their research about you. They should have some creative ideas on how to add or improve certain things; well, I guess it's more on the job role they are applying for as well.


As much as it is a bonus to be able to hire someone who already has all of the skills you need, it is nowhere near enough. Using different tools can be taught with thorough training pretty quickly. You want to look for the things that you can't teach.

We recommend looking for candidates that are creative and curious. Those who seek solutions to problems that have yet to arise. Those that want to streamline and improve your business and those that are going to push you to do better.

How do you find them? Firstly, offer them something back. Secondly, ask them the right interview questions. Where do you see yourself in five years? It is an overused question that actually doesn't tell you that much about the candidate. Try asking, With your help, where do you see our business going in five years? This allows you and them to see themselves as part of your company's future. Not to mention, it will show you how well they think on the spot!


We know! We just said it wasn't important. What we mean is that quality is more important than quantity. And, of course, we're talking about non-vocational positions. If you're hiring for doctors, please make sure that they have all of the qualifications!

Rather than looking for experience working with Adobe or Microsoft or another relevant platform (again-this can be trained), look for their experience working with a team that is similar to yours, a similar work environment and a similar client base. These are all things that are harder to teach and even harder to grasp.

Your goals

Again, these shouldn't be primary requirements but if you're trying to distinguish between several strong candidates... look out for them!

Companies look for 'self-directed' new hires, plus which that indicates. They want individuals who understand what they need and are prepared to work with this. 

Know your strengths

Organizations are looking for folks who know very well what these kinds of are great at. Instead of saying, "I'm excellent at Excel, inches, you can claim, "I love Shine -- and My partner and I want to teach various other folks the greater points of applying Excel, like developing nested reports and even macros. 

Are you an "out of the box thinker"?

You will find certainly managers that don't want the order to hire independent thinkers. However, you don't possess to waste doing work for someone like that will! Strong managers would like to hire individuals who have their very own ideas. In every single meeting, take typically the possibility to share the opinion, as opposed to a new cookie-cutter, standard solution to your interview problem.

We hope this helps! For those of you reading so that you can prepare for an upcoming interview-we're hiring. Email us your CV at info@kixy.com with a brief introduction to be considered.

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