We’re keeping an eye on your accounts.

Not in a creepy way… we’ve just got some pretty clever technology that can let us know if there is any unusual activity occurring on your account.

Whether you might be a victim of fraud or your card may have been stolen we’re going to alert you if we think any spending or account activity is out of the ordinary.

There are also a few things to look out for if you don’t recognise a payment on your account.

However, we have several features to help you keep track of your subscriptions and stay on top of your direct debit charges. Check them out here

If you’ve gone through all of the checks and you’re still worried about a payment then there are a few things that you can do:

Nothing is coming or going… without your say so.

- Two Factor Authentification

We’re enforcing two-factor authentication on all of our accounts to make sure you’re the only one with any say so when it comes to your money.

So if you’re worried about annoying using your app or account without your say so, you can rest easy.

How does it work?

- Safeguarding Account

We’re using a safe-guarding account which means that your funds are separate from our funds. Your funds are stored in an account with a credit institution but they’re held by us on your behalf. As we’re an authorised institution, KiyanPay safeguards your funds as per their regulatory requirements. So, if you’re worried about something happening to us (which is very unlikely) your money is still going to be safe.

We’re educating you on the things we can’t protect you from:

There are certain things that we can’t protect you from. If you share certain details or give someone to your account then it might be difficult for us to protect you. But where we can’t interfere we’re going to make sure you’re best prepared for situations where people are trying to take your money.

Not only do we have our own initiatives on our website and our social media but we’re also supporting the launch of a major new campaign designed to tackle financial fraud. The “Take Five” campaign aims to put consumers and businesses back in control with straightforward advice to help prevent financial fraud and encourage people to take a moment.

Check out their information here

Scams To Watch Out For Here:

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