How To Get A Bargain Plane Ticket

So, you’re braving the cramped leg room and cold air blast so that you can travel once again. But how much are you really prepared to sacrifice? Sure, you can endure a crying baby for four hours but you should at least get your ticket for a bargain. And we’re here to help you do it.

In this blog we’re going to debunk some myths and share some real tips, enjoy!

1. Debunking the lies

First, let’s go through some things that aren’t going to help you:

 -  Shopping on a Tuesday has NO effect on yourplane fare.

 -  Searching Incognito will NOT get you a discount.

 -  You can NOT predict airline prices-websites that promise to do so are fanciful.

These tricks might have worked in the past but airlines are now using advanced algorithms to determine prices and offer sales based on the time of year, passenger demand, weather, events, competitor and fuel prices and so much more!

Not to worry, we know how to work the algorithm, and we’re willing to share it with you!

2. Be Flexible

Probably not what you wanted to hear, right? But it’s key. Try to be spontaneous and be flexible about your dates or destination, ideally both. Regardless of anything else, travelling during holidays like Christmas or New Years is going to cost you extra, even at a bargain price. You should also be wary of August, most schools have holidays then and the demand is much higher for travel, if you can work around it, you’re going to end up saving!

The solution to must pricing issues is to travel off-season. You're probably going to have an easier time asking for time off too since you won't have as many colleagues also asking for time off. Did you check airline prices for Japan around the time the Olympics were scheduled? Tickets that could usually be found for as cheap as £400 were up to £12,000. If airlines can charge extortionate prices and still sell, they will.

Being flexible with times can help too. Flying during the middle of the week is cheapest. The weekends are populated by people trying to escape for Saturday and Sunday and Monday and Friday seem to be prime days for business travelers. Travelling early in the morning or late at night is cheaper, even if it can be inconvenient.

Alternatively, if you’re tied to certain dates, try mixing up the destination. Sites like Skyscanner, Google Flights and Momondo can show you different destinations and their price tickets within a certain range of dates. This can ignite the spontaneous spark in you and you can be inspired to fly somewhere you hadn’t thought of before. Embrace the random search filter!

3. Smaller/ Budget Airlines

There are plenty of budget airlines which will get you to the same place in (hopefully) one piece. If you’re travelling between countries abroad it might be a good idea to check with their local airlines, they’re usually more reasonably priced.

Bear in mind that smaller/ budget airlines ask you to pay extra for some of the things we take for granted with larger airlines. Checked baggage, meals and reserved seating can also add to your tickets. If you’re okay foregoing these then click pay but if you’re not sure you can do without then do some quick math's. It might be the case that going for an all-inclusive ticket is cheaper overall then adding on extras to a lower priced ticket.

4. Currency Exchange

Look for your ticket in other currencies! This isn’t a very widely known or used trick. Try searching for your airfare in a country where the currency is weaker than yours. Remember, airlines don’t charge prices they’re not sure will sell.

Make sure that you don’t make up you're saving through exchange fees! If you’re going to be purchasing your ticket in another currency, use your KiyanPay multi-currency card to avoid getting charged high exchange rates or transaction fees for no extra cost.

5. Travel Alone...Ish

Airlines can be very lazy with their ticket pricing. So, if you’re booking in a group of six then the airline will try and place you sitting together. In this case, all of the tickets are priced at the price-point of the most expensive ticket. For example, if you’re booking tickets for seats A-F and seat E is priced at £300, even if the rest of the seats are priced at around £100 then you’ll be charged £1800!

Look for the ticket prices for an individual and then go from there. It might work out better to book individually, even if it means travelling separately.

Like we mentioned, if cheap travel is what you’re after then you should always travel with a ‘borderless’ bank! You’ll save on exchange rates, transaction fees, using your card abroad and paying locally. You happen to be on the website for a bank that does all of the above!

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