Protect Your Email:

Most services/platforms will request an email upon your sign-up, so you'll want to keep it safe. If it is hacked, then a scammer could have access to multiple sensitive accounts. We recommend changing your email password at least three times a year and definitely if you've been hacked or your security has been breached.

Storing Your Passwords:

Ideally, you'll be using a separate, unique and secure password for every account so that you're not in danger if one of your accounts is hacked. However, we're realistic in thinking that won't be the case as it can be time-consuming.

The good news is, you don't have to remember them or re-enter them all. You can use a password safe like Zoho Vault so that you can access your passwords everywhere, even if you haven't previously saved them to your browser. Of course, this would make your Zoho password the most important one, so you'll want to keep it secure, and remember it.

Additional Measures:

Some platforms will ask you to use a security question to protect your account. It's an excellent idea to avoid the personal ones, even if they'll be easier to remember.

You might also be asked to secure your account with 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) so that you can be sure you're the only one logging into your account. It also means that if your password wasn't strong enough to keep hackers out, your account is still protected. KiyanPay uses 2FA through an authenticator app, so you can log in even if you don't have your phone with you.

It is essential to keep your banking details personal; NEVER share them with anyone, even if you think you trust them. If you have shared your details, please contact us to change them.

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