Scams: Staying Safe Online

Money can be pretty hard to earn, so when we do, we like to keep it to ourselves (unless we’re treating our loved ones of course!) Because it’s hard to earn a lot of people prefer to take other people’s rather than making their own.

So how do you stay safe?

It’s not like the good ol’ days when you could just lock it all in a safe and then guard your safe day and night. Because now you keep your money online, so a lot of people might be able to access it without your knowledge.

Here are a few simple things that you can do to make sure your money is under your control only.

1. Trusty Banks

Make sure you’re with a bank that you trust. There are several steps that banks can and should be taking to ensure that your money is kept safe. We should know-we're working hard day and night in front of your proverbial safes.

Banks have to declare how they’re protecting your money so you can do some research in order to determine which banks are up to your standards. Alternatively, trust the reviews and experiences shared online-disgruntled customers are often the most vocal!

2. Paying Online

Similarly to your bank, websites can also take several precautions so you’re not falling victim to scammers. You have to make sure that you’re shopping with reputable websites which haven’t had issues before

But what about the earrings you like that are sold by a small business? Chances are they’re safe, and we love small businesses here so we encourage you to shop from them! But... a few of them may be trying to trick you. We advise not keeping all of your money in one place because sometimes, even if you can’t prevent your money from being taken you can control how much they take.

And you can always shop through reputable third parties, like Paypal, who are going to protect your money like it's theirs! Again, don’t keep your entire stash in one place but you can certainly set aside your online shopping budget somewhere separate from the rest of your gold.

3. Long Lost Prince Cousins

 •  We have at least four long lost cousins who happen to be princes that want to give us their entire fortune. Luckily, many of us are clued up to this scam by now-we know not to trust them or give them our bank details

 •  But what about the less obvious scams, like the ones that pretend to be PayPal or even Royal Mail? It’s getting increasingly harder to stay protected which is why we advise working with a bank that is going to protect your money as fiercely as you are but there are also some basic checks that you can run through to ensure you’re staying protected.

 •  Check the numbers and email addresses of the people emailing/texting/calling you. Double-check them against the official information given by the companies they claim to represent. If there is a mismatch it is probably a scam!

 •  Don’t give out any information, don’t enter any details that can be used to take your money or imitate you unless you’re doing so on the official websites-double-check URLs too!

 •  THINK! Does this scam make sense? Would this company message me asking this? If it is out of the ordinary then check online-chances are if it isn’t legit then someone will have warned you.


If you’ve gone through all of the checks and are still unsure then go ahead and call your bank/service provider and ask them if the message originated with them. They should be able to get back to your right away (the good service providers have quick and efficient customer service but even if they don’t... it’s worth waiting before you take action).

4. Good Scams Take Time

Just because you’ve shopped from a website and they haven’t taken all of your money right away doesn’t mean that they don’t plan to.

Bad News? The reason they wait is that it makes them harder to detect.

Good News? It gives you more time to protect yourself after they’ve attacked!

Keep a constant eye on your finances and don’t hesitate to call your bank if you feel like there may have been a breach... even if they haven’t taken anything yet!

Stay safe! And if you’re having any troubles at all don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team-they're quick to reply and always happy to help.

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