Stress Awareness Month:

Here at KiyanPay we try to reduce as much stress for our customers as possible. Whether you’re a student, a parent or a small business we want to make sure that your lives are getting easier.

But it’s not always up to us... that’s why we’ve compiled a list to help you deal with and prevent stress in honour of stress awareness month!

P.s. we’ve seen a few articles promoting gum chewing and candle lighting. Let’s be clear... they sound great but they’re probably not going to change much for you! We’re here to share some tried and tested methods that are going to have you breathing deeper and smiling wider

1. Chuckle

Oh oh... are we already breaking our promise? No! We’re not just going to tell you to laugh and then leave it at that. Here are our favourite methods to force a chuckle or too two out and the science behind the laughing!

Why does it work? Put simply our brains aren’t as all-powerful as we think! We can trick them into thinking that we’re happy/relaxed/stressed. We don’t have the space to fit it all in here but we thought we would let you know where you can find the science.

Now, what do we recommend?

Our own research (asking the office and cheering ourselves up on a Monday morning) has shown that stand-up comedy and baby/animal videos have the highest success rate when it comes to forcing out a smile and/or laugh.

Here are our top favorites:

 •  Funny Baby Video

 •  More Hilarious Babie

 •  Now Some Dogs and Other Furry Friend

 •  James Acaster On Bananas

 •  A Stand-Up Compilation

2. Exercise

Trust Me! We know! There is nothing more stressful than having to go on a run. It keeps us up at night more so than anything else BUT running isn’t the only exercise

First... here’s the science:

Research shows that the top form of exercise that prevents stress is group sport. That’s a touchy subject right now considering there is a pandemic. But if and when you can we recommend committing to weekly group sport that isn’t going to stress you out even more. Go for something that you’re a beginner at and won’t get too competitive doing

We’re going to list the silliest team supports shortly so you can get your giggle on but first we want to let you know some flexible things you can do alone so that you can de-stress whenever you need!

  • Walks! Yes... they’re obvious but they’re also a low effort/ high reward form of exercise that can be done pretty much anywhere at any time. We walk where we can rather than designate specific times as it means we can integrate it more swiftly into our daily routines, but if you need to leave the laptop behind and walk until you reach the next town over, do that!

  • Swimming is slightly less accessible but it is also a great form of cardio which also trains your lungs! Better breathing = less stress

  • Dancing! We’re saying turn ABBA up to the max, put on some flares and dance till you’ve sweat through your sweatband. Why? Because exercise and music are two of the biggest stress reducers and dancing is COOL OK

  • Here are our favourite group sports:

     •  Sepak Takraw: Volleyball but with your feet.

     •  Quidditch: Get your Harry Potter on :)

     •  Toe Wrestling: Those of you easily cringed out... beware!

     •  Wife Carrying: This one is niche but if you don’t have a wife, we encourage borrowing one (just for the sport!)

     •  Extreme Ironing: This one reduces stress because you get the house chores done too.

     •  Here are 20 more

    3. Help Others

    None of these titles sound good, do they? I mean really! Why must I do things for others in order to help me feel less stressed?

    Well... here’s the science

    Now we’re not saying you should take a walk to your local zebra crossing and wait for old ladies to need your help (although we do encourage the walk).

    Helping others doesn’t have to feel like helping, and it doesn’t have to involve moving much either.

    Our top recommendation? Call a loved one that probably misses you!

    Probably don’t call your mum or nan if they need IT support as that will do the opposite for your stress levels but call them when they’ve already spoken to an Apple Genius. You’ll help them with their stress and mental health and in turn they’ll help you with yours

    If you don’t feel like talking about your love life or how skinny your gran thinks you’re getting then we recommend going down to your local animal shelter. Spending time with animals is a scientifically proven stress reliever and it will also massively help with the stress the animals are experiencing.

    If you’re feeling particularly charitable, we recommend taking one home, they’re cute and the barking isn’t even that loud!

    Here are some more of our favourite ways to help others in London:

    We hope you’re feeling slightly less stressed. We’re always here to help and our customer service team is always here to lighten the load so don’t hesitate to reach out.

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