What To Look For When Hiring:

Times are changing, especially on the employment scheme. It is no longer sufficient to examine a CV and see that your candidate has good grades and relevant experience. You need to be looking for drive, stamina, determination and much more. It’s hard for those to come across in a resume. In this blog, we’re helping you with our tips for hiring!

1. Attitude

What is their attitude towards your business? Is it something that they’re interested in or does your position purely fit their criteria? You want to make sure that they’re going to want to make your business work, if they’re just showing up and doing the job than they’re going to lose interest and want to move on pretty quickly.

Speaking of moving on... what is their attitude towards the duration of their employment? Are they looking to settle down or are they going to be looking for a new position fairly soon? Make sure that their plans align with yours. Employment is stressful and time consuming so if they’re planning on moving on in three months, they might not be the one for you!

Lastly, what is their overall attitude. Does it fit in with your team? This is very objective and relies heavily on the dynamic of your current team. Whether you need someone who is more laid back or someone who can work at a fast pace you’re going to want to recognize those qualities in the people that you’re interviewing.

2. Creativity

As much as it is a bonus to be able to hire someone who already has all of the skills you need, it is nowhere near enough. Using different tools can be taught with thorough training pretty quickly. You want to look for the things that you can’t teach.

We recommend looking for the candidates that are creative and curious. Those who seek solutions to problems that have yet to arise. Those that want to streamline and improve your business and those that are going to push you to do better.

How do you find them? Firstly, offer them something back. Secondly, ask them the right interview questions. Where do you see yourself in five years? Is an overused question that actually doesn’t tell you that much about the candidate. Try asking With your help, where do you see our business going in five years? This allows you, and them, to see themselves as part of your company's future. Not to mention, it will show you how well they think on the spot!

3. Experience

We know! We just said it wasn’t important. What we mean is that quality is more important in quantity. And, of course, we’re talking about non-vocational positions. If you’re hiring for doctors, please make sure that they have all of the qualifications!

Rather than looking for experience working with Adobe or Microsoft or another relevant platform (again-this can be trained) look for their experience working with a team that is similar to yours, a similar work environment and a similar client base. These are all things that are harder to teach and even harder to grasp.

Again, these shouldn’t be primary requirements but if you’re trying to distinguish between several strong candidates... look out for them!

We hope this helps! For those of you reading so that you can prepare for an upcoming interview-we're hiring. Email us your CV at info@kiyanpay.com with a brief introduction to be considered.

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