A Story of Love & Frustration

We haven’t been around forever; in fact, we first opened our doors and the borders of the world in 2019. We started as a small money transfer business with a big dream. We wanted to make earning, spending and sending money easier and more enjoyable. Making our dreams come true meant we had to deal with A LOT of different banks, and none of them were up to scratch. We found them patronising, rude and greedy! Our frustration grew when we saw that banks treated our customers the same way, even more so in a pandemic. So, here we are. We’re taking matters into our hands, and in turn your hands too.  

Financial Services that work for you

Banking should be better. That’s why we expanded from just doing international transfers to full on money solutions. It should be people-focused, apps should be easy to use, customer services should be helpful, friendly and easy to contact. Right? If anything goes wrong - because despite all our best efforts we’re still human - we want our customers to say, “I’ll just contact them in couple of minutes.” with confidence, knowing that their problem will be solved, quickly. At Kiyanpay our customers are at the centre of our universe - our infrastructure is built around you. We’re giving you control of your money so you can spend time on what really matters

Big, Big Dreams

Together we have achieved so much already, and in such a small space of time too! But we’re not ready to stop now, in fact, we’re just beginning. New currencies, new features and new solutions. That’s what we’re working towards daily. We want to make your finances enjoyable because organising your money should be just as easy and fun as spending it.

Our Mission And Philosophy

We care about people.
That means we’re making money solutions accessible to everyone, and we want you to have fun while we do it.
We started Kiyanpay because banking was not inclusive, user-friendly or progressive enough. In other words, banking customers all over the world were settling, as were we, and we’d had enough.

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